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Our Vision

To be a fearless company that's always delivering excellence to our communities

Our Mission

To be a company that enhances the lives of our customers and employees through our dedication to greatness.

Our Values


Northern Basement Systems Redefining Careers

What Our Employees Think



"I love Northern Basement Systems because of the people I work with, the different job aspects through one company, and the people we are surrounded by. They are constantly pushing me to drive forward... it's been a lifesaver and life changer." Mike Bruce


Simple IRA Retirement Plan

Northern Basement Systems will match each employee's Simple IRA Retirement up to 1% and 3% starting in 2020! This benefit becomes available after 6 months of employment at Northern Basement Systems.

Blue Cross Blue Shied Health Care Insurnace

Our company encourages all of its employees to join the health care group for the opportunity to protect their health at a lower cost! This benefit becomes available after 6 months of employment at Northern Basement Systems.


Many roles at Northern Basement Systems hold the opportunity to gain bonuses based on performance and efficiency!

Company Growth

Northern Basement Systems wants to create an environment for growth. For some positions, this means taking on a larger role, and for others, it means traveling, training, and learning!

Paid Time Off

Many of our positions offer paid sick days and paid vacation time! If you work hard then you deserve time to rest!

Team Focused

Our team is a family, we are all in it together. We support each other at work and in life.


We take pride in providing a work environment that is fun and exciting. Enjoy complimentary candy, snacks, ice-cream, in addition to annual company meetings and parties with drinks and food provided!

Work/Life Integration

Our goal is to create an environment at work in which you feel passionate and fulfilled so that you can create a happier family, neighborhood, community.