Northern Basement Systems Case Studies: Fixing up a Crawl Space in Westford, Vermont

Monday, August 13th, 2018 by Chris Fortier


A previous customer of Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems, recently purchased a new property in Westford, Vermont.  This house had a dirty crawl space that had a few issues.  The first problem was the water that would get into the space causign conditions to be damp, humid, and nasty.  It made a bad odor you could smell throughout the home.  These conditions also can lead to mold groth and wood rot, resulting in structural damage as well as harmful airborne mold spores.  The other issue with the crawl space was the lack of insulation. There was none.  The rim joists were bare, as were the walls.


Looking to take care of all of the Crawl Space problems they called the company that had extreme confidence in and helped them out in the past.  Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems installed a complete Crawl Space Encapsulation System and insulated the all of the Rim joists with polyurethane closed cell insulation.  The insulation has an excellent R-Value and stops moisture from entering.  The CrawlSpace Encapsulation System reduces moisture & humidity in crawl space and helps seal out cold drafts in winter.  Under the layer of CleanSpace, drainage matting is laid down.  It provides a system to take any water in the crawl space and direct it to the sump pump.  The SmartSump  has a unique sump pump cover design, so water from a plumbing leak fills an alarm pocket on the lid first, sounding a WaterWatch alarm that will let you know there is a plumbing leak. From there, the water flows down a special airtight floor drain that will let the water down, but damp air cannot come up into your crawl space. The WaterWatch sump pump alarm also alerts you to pump failure for any reason, including power outages.  The pump also has a built in knockout for the dehumidifier hose to go in airtight.  Matt's team installed a state-of-the-art SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier.  The property owner now has a winterized, waterproofed crawlspace, and no more bad odors!




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