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Northern Basement Systems Q&A

Do you offer project financing?

Yes! We offer financing through MoreHouse Financing Company. This financing option can be applied to most waterproofing and foundation repair projects

For more information visit Smart Financing Options or ask your representative how to apply today! 


Do you provide free estimates for just residential homeowners?

No, we provide FREE estimates to all potential customers, commercial, residential, potential home buyers, and anyone else who needs a solution for a wet basement, concerning foundation, or crawlspace. Call 855-DRY-TIME to get your FREE estimate!

How can you get rid of mold smell in a crawlspace?

Mold thrives in an area where there is moisture and a "food source" such as wood or other organic material. Encapsulation and dehumidification are the key elements to prevent the production of mold and the odor that it produces. By traping out the moisture on the walls and floors and adding a SaniDry dehumidifier to take care of any additional moisture in the air or other materials that are causing the mold odor. 

How can you improve your home's efficiency?

If you have cold floors or a draft in your home, then your basement or crawlspace is probably lacking insulation. The traditional fiberglass insulation doesn't provide the kind of results needed to stay warm in New England. 

Northern Basement Systems offers Closed-Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam to give you the high R-value in your basement or crawlspace that you're looking for! Our closed-cell spray foam provides an R-value of 6-7 per inch, while also preventing air or moisture from entering the basement.


Stay warm! Call 855-DRY-TIME to get a FREE ESTIMATE on insulating your basement or crawlspace!

How do I know which system and solution are best for me?

Schedule a FREE estimate with Northern Basement Systems by calling 855-DRY-TIME and one of our System Design Specialist will come to your home or business to see the space, evaluate the issue, and develop the best solution for you!  


How do I schedule a FREE estimate with Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems?

To schedule your FREE estimate call 855-DRY-TIME or visit Get a FREE Estimate and fill out the form and we will call you! 

We look forward to helping you repair your basement, crawlspace, or foundation!

How to keep a basement dry?

The best way to keep a basement or crawlspace dry is to have a professional waterproofing system installed. Matt Clark and his team at Northern Basement Systems have both the experience and the knowledge to install the system that will work best for you.

Call 855-DRY-TIME to schedule your FREE estimate today! We want to help you find a solution for your wet basement to keep it dry year round! 

How to know when a foundation crack is serious?

It is important to have your home evaluated if you notice step cracking, inward tilting, bowing, or buckling, or if the crack is leaking. Matt Clark and his team at Northern Basement Systems has effective, warrantied solutions, and provides FREE estimates on all services. 

Is my home settling/sinking?

There are many signs to check for if you're concerned about your home's foundation. Common signs include cracks in the walls and/ or floors of both the basement and sheetrock.

Have you noticed that your windows and doors are sticking or are becoming harder to open or shut? If your answer is "yes", then your home is likely experiencing some settling. 

Typically, settling doesn't happen evenly across the foundation which makes the foundation and floors in the home unlevel, and over time, if these issues are not addressed then it can lead to foundation failure. 

Thankfully, Northern Basement Systems has several longterm foundation repair solutions that can prevent the progression of foundation failure. the first step to repairing your home's foundation is to give us a call at 855-DRY-TIME and set up your FREE estimate with a specialist at Northern Basement Systems! 

Once a pump is installed does Northern Basement Systems offer maintenance and repair services?

Absolutely! We recommend that every pump is serviced at least once a year. Our service team will test and clean your pump to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Additionally, they will test/replace back-up batteries and check the discharge line. By servicing your system we can find potential concerns and address them before it becomes an issue.

For more information visit Servicing Your Sump Pump System or call to schedule your service appointment at 855-DRY-TIME!

Why are my floors cold?

Cold floors are generally caused by a lack of insulation in the basement or crawlspace below your home. The cold air will enter through the rim joist area, flooring or walls of the space and rising though the floors and making your home cold and inefficient. 

The best solution to cold floors is adding insulation or replacing old inefficient fiberglass insulation with closed-cell fiberglass insulation or other waterproof insulations.

Call 855-DRY-TIME to find the right solution for your basement or crawlspace to keep your home warm through the coldest months AND lower your heating costs! 

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