Northern Basement Systems Case Studies: PolyLevel and Pier Systems Solve a Tough Foundation Job

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 by Alia Carangelo


Matt Clark and his crew at Northern Basement Systems saw an opportunity to greatly help a settlement issue for a 2,400 square foot office building in October of this year. Teaming up with TC Hafford, they realized they had a major foundation repair issue in front of them. They had to raise a building that had been on top of soil damaged by twelve feet of heavily decayed organics on top of bedrock. The area where the office building was located previously existed as a dumping ground for tree stumps and tree trimmings.

At first, Northern Basement Systems didn't have the necessary equipment to fully complete the job. Due to the generosity of TC Hafford, they lent Northern Basement Systems extra lift cylinders and a brand new hook-lift truck and trailer, they were able to get the job rolling.


Matt's crew, along with lift cylinders provided by TC Hafford's crew, was able to install seven Model 288 push piers and 25 Model 288 retrofit helical piers with a mini excavator and Pro-Dig X9K5 drive head to lift the building back to its original elevation. Once the foundation was lifted, the internal concrete slab was lifted four inches with the use of 31 slab piers. This created an ample void between the soil and the slab. Tony and his crew at TC Hafford brought a hook-lift truck that housed the PolyLEVEL buggy. The void was then filled with 1,200 lbs of PolyLEVEL injection foam (PL250 2.5lb.) 

The job site had significant debris scattered throughout the area, but by using the buggy provided by Tony, owner of TC Hafford, they were able to apply the PolyLEVEL product easily and efficiently. The buggy came with an extra 25 feet, as opposed to the standard length of a 50 ft. hose used to apply PolyLEVEL all throughout the office. The foam resin needed to be refilled, and due to the efficiency of the buggy, Northern Basement Systems and TC Hafford were able to complete the job successfully, providing a flawless PolyLEVEL job.

PolyLEVEL is the new quick and efficient method to raise settling concrete, designed with high performance standards that make it the leading method in the foundation repair industry. It is a safe, environmentally friendly, mess-free alternative to mud jacking.

Utilizing the benefits of PolyLEVEL and pier systems Matt and Tony and their crews successfully raised the settling foundation that had been damaged badly over time. Now the building is ate a safe elevation and has outlasting stability that will keep the foundation strong for years to come!

Project Summary

Products used: Model 288 push piers, Model 288 retrofit helical piers, Pro-Dig X9K5 drive head, PolyLEVELâ„¢

Methods: PolyLEVELâ„¢

Dealers helping dealers: Northern Basement Systems and TC Hafford

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