Keeping Quiet: Eliminating Sump Pump Noise

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 by Irma Hamrysky

At Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems, our experts sometimes encounter a homeowner that is reluctant to install a sump pump system in their home. Their reason: they feel that sump pumps are loud and disruptive during operation.

Keeping Quiet  Eliminating Sump Pump Noise - Image 1This can be true! Many sump pump systems do generate quite a lot of noise as they operate – but not all. The key is to choose a system that is designed with noise management in mind so that your quality of life is not compromised during operation.

What Causes Sump Pump Noise?

Sump pumps create noise for four main reasons:

The Pump Is Located Outside Of The Sump Pit: Sump pump systems such as water-powered pumps and (especially) pedestal pumps operate outside of the sump pit – and are located directly in your basement. In other words, there's nothing in between you and the noise of the operating sump pump.

On the other hand, submersible sump pumps rest within a sump pit – located underneath the basement floor – and are submerged in water while operating. This type of system is much quieter!

The Sump Pit Has No Lid: Even a submersible sump pump can make its share of grinding and gurgling noises while in operation. A sump pit with no lid will allow these noises into the home – along with odors and humidity from the sump pit. On top of that, the open pit can collect debris, which may clog the system, and can present a potentially dangerous tripping hazard.

Installing an airtight sump pit lid will prevent all of these issues. The tops on the systems we offer include an innovative ball-and-cup floor drain and noise-reducing rubber grommets around all pipe and wire penetrations in the lid. This keeps your system airtight, holding back noise, humidity, and sound from the system's operation.

The System Has Improperly Designed Discharge Lines: As water is pressed into a discharge line and forced outside of your home, the sound of rushing water can become quite loud. If the water is being pushed down 90-degree angles as it's ejected from your home, the noise can become even worse.

A proper discharge line should include large discharge pipes that can easily hold whatever the sump system can pump into them. 90-degree angles should be avoided whenever possible to minimize noise.

We Provide Quiet, Reliable Sump Pump Systems!

At Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems, our sump pump systems are designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. We've worked hard and thought ahead when designing our award-winning sump pump systems – so you can be sure they're running as silently as possible.

Our expert waterproofing crews can install a warranted system in your home quickly – with a typical system being installed in less than two days. For sump pump installation in New Hampshire and a free cost quote in your home, contact us by phone or click below! 

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