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Two-Stage Waterproofing System Installed in South Burlington, Vermont
This South Burlington, Vermont homeowner had a sump that was beginning to fail, and cause flooding in his partly finished basement. A local contractor recommended the professionals...
Insulating Basement Walls and Rim Joists in Burlington, Vermont
The homeowner in Burlington, Vermont had previously hired Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems to waterproof their basement.  Having seen the workmanship done with...
Making a slab level again in Burlington, VT 05408
The owners of this home started noticing warning signs all over their home.  Cracks in the walls, molding separating from the ceiling and floors, and an uneven feel in...
Thermal Dry Floor Matting in Williston, Vermont
The home owner in Williston, Vermont was in the process of changing their basement floors.  They previously had linoleum through out the basement and wanted to upgrade...
New Foundation Support in Corinth, VT Crawl Space
The homeowner called Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems with concern regarding the energy efficiency and the heavy moisture in their crawl space.  They also expressed...
Water Entering Basement During Storm in Winooski, Vermont
The Winooski homeowners called Northern Basement Systems after they had endless times that water would enter their basement during rainstorms and worsen as rainfall became...
SaniDry Dehumidifier, Water Guard, & Super Sump Pump in Richmond, Vermont
The home owners wonderful home is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Richmond, Vermont.  Plenty of privacy and amazing views.  The basement on the other hand...
Vapor Barrier Transformation in Richmond, Vermont
Peter from Richmond, Vermont has been battling water for over 20 years! The home was built in the 1960's with an area of crawlspace off one corner of the basement. The crawlspace...
Persistent Water Leaking Into Partially Finished Basement in Rumney, NH
A homeowner in Rumney, New Hampshire was experiencing leaking in her basement during periods of heavy rainfall and snow melt. Her basement is partially finished with insulation,...
Leaky Cinder Block Basement in Essex, Vermont
Craig in Essex, Vermont has a cinder block basement that leaks in several spots during rainstorms and spring months as the snow melts. He attempted to stop the flooding...
Worsening Water Concerns in Barre, Vermont
Wendy has been living in her 1880's home located in Barre, Vermont for almost 15 years and has always gotten some water seasonally, but the issue seems to be worsening with...
Sinking Chimney Lifted Using Combination of Piers
Matt Clark and his crew at Northern Basement Systems have lifted settled brick chimneys in the past. However, the geologic composition of the soils in Colchester posed...
Looking to make their Basement Beautiful in Montpelier, VT
The customers in Montpelier, Vermont were in the process of remodeling their basement.  They were in search of a solution for their cold walls.  They contacted the...
Super Sump Pump in Montpelier, Vermont
   A Montpelier, Vermont homeowner came to Matt Clark's Northern Basement System in search of a permanent solution for his basement flooding.  The basement...
Basement Water Entry in Montpelier, Vermont
 A home in Montpelier, Vermont had a bulkhead entrance to the basement.  Every time it rained or, during the spring time, the melting snow, would enter the familys...
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