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Insulating your Basement in Harrisville, New Hampshire.

To help weatherize a basement in Harrisville, New Hampshire, Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems applied closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation.  The spray foam, applied to the entire rim joist of the basement,  carries an excellent R-Value of 6-7 per inch and provides a great vapor barrier.

Rim Joists Insulated & SaniDry Dehumidifier in Grantham, New Hampshire

In Grantham, New Hampshire a customer was looking to insulate the Rim Joists of his basement and take care of a bad humidity problem.  He hired Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems to install a state-of-the-art SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to take care of the humidity.  The Sanidry will keep the basement at a perfect 55% humidity.  Northern Basement Systems sprayed the rim joists with closed-cell polyurethane foam.  The closed-cell foam creates a highly insulated building assembly that's also free of energy-wasting air leaks. Closed-cell is about 3-4 times as dense as open-cell foam, and it provides an R-value of 6-7 per inch.  

Matt Clark's Northern Basement System Water Proofs & Spray Foam Insulates a home in Colchester, Vermont

Looking to make their basement more energy efficient and waterproofed a homeowner in Colchester, Vermont contacted Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems.  Matt's team of Installation Specialist and Certified Spray Foam Insulators installed a two stage (DryTrak & Lateral Combo) waterproofing system and a TripleSafe sump pump, this will take care of the water issue.  The team sprayed Closed-Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation on the walls of the basement and upstairs, helping the home become more energy efficient. 

Basement Wall Panel Insulation in Barre, Vermont, by Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems.

To insulate their basement walls in Barre, Vermont, the homeowners hired Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems.  Northern Basement Systems installed Basement to Beautiful Wall Panels, giving the homeowners an excellent R-value and making it easy for an electrician to work their wires through.

Spray Foam Insulation Job in Montpelier, Vermont

A local contractor in Montpelier, Vermont reached out to Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems for an insulation job.  They had hired Northern Basement Systems in the past for similar work, so they knew the quality of work Matt's team brings to every job.  

Notice the walls before and after our team sprayed the foam in for added insulation!

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