Rim Joists Insulated & SaniDry Dehumidifier in Grantham, New Hampshire

In Grantham, New Hampshire a customer was looking to insulate the Rim Joists of his basement and take care of a bad humidity problem.  He hired Matt Clark's Northern Basement Systems to install a state-of-the-art SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to take care of the humidity.  The Sanidry will keep the basement at a perfect 55% humidity.  Northern Basement Systems sprayed the rim joists with closed-cell polyurethane foam.  The closed-cell foam creates a highly insulated building assembly that's also free of energy-wasting air leaks. Closed-cell is about 3-4 times as dense as open-cell foam, and it provides an R-value of 6-7 per inch.  

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