Sump Pumps Case Studies: Super Sump Pump in Montpelier, Vermont

Friday, March 23rd, 2018 by Chris Fortier


   A Montpelier, Vermont homeowner came to Matt Clark's Northern Basement System in search of a permanent solution for his basement flooding.  The basement was already equipped with a pump system.  The Problem was the pump installed was a Pedistal Pump.  The Pedistal pumps have a very weak motor and can not keep up with any significant amount of water coming in the basement.  The results of the weak motor are flooding in the homeowners basement.  This makes it a heavy burden on the owner and an overall pain to deal with.  No one wants to come home and think their pump is working only to find out it is working but, it isn't working well enough to keep the water out.  Another downfall to the Pedistal Pump is the fact they do not go fully into the ground making it a tripping hazard.  Northern Basement sent out a System Design Specialist to access the the customers situation and go over all options to pursue their quest of a permanent dry basement.


    After meeting with a Specialist they decided the most efficient way to make their basement dry once and for all would be to remove the Pedistal Pump and replace it with a Super Sump Pump.  The Super Sump Pump is an effective basement waterproofing system it depends on a reliable, long-lasting sump pump. That's why Basement Systems offers patented sump pump systems with innovative features designed to work together for top performance, year after year.  It has a premium plastic sump liner is the attractive alternative to an open sump pit, like the removed Pedistal Pump. Perforations in the liner capture ground water, and a larger opening connects to the interior drainage system. The liner's airtight lid keeps out pests and debris, while also eliminating the safety hazard of an open sump pit.  The Super SUmp Pump has a floor drain so if a plumbing leak or other unforeseen accident puts water on your basement floor, a one-way floor drain in the lid will allow this water to drain into your sump system.  The most important part of the Super Sump Pump is probably the Zoeller cast-iron, 1/3 HP pump.  This makes the Super SUmp Pump capable of pumping up to 2,280 gallons of water per hour.  The homeowner now can rest at ease with his new Super Sump Pump fully installed and ready to keep the basement nice and dry for good.

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