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Shotcrete and Cellular Concrete Near Burlington, Concord, Keene

Modern concrete repair methods stabilize your foundation quickly and effectively

If you have deteriorating foundation walls in your home but want to avoid a major foundation repair process, cellular concrete and shotcrete repair systems from Northern Basement Systems could be the solution you need. We provide effective foundation repair services that are far less invasive than foundation replacement, giving you a long-lasting solution that stabilizes your home.

Both cellular concrete and shotcrete are modern concrete replacements that offer a superior solution for foundation wall repair. If you're interested in either of these systems for your home, give us a call at 1-855-248-5226 or click below to get started! We offer free estimates in Burlington, Concord, Keene and throughout the nearby areas.

StableFill™ Cellular Concrete
cellular concrete Burlington

Cellular concrete (also known as aerated concrete, lightweight insulating concrete, and foamed concrete) has been used for a variety of geotechnical purposes since its development in the 1920s. Cellular concrete is full of tiny air bubbles created by a foaming agent, making it significantly less dense than a conventional concrete filled with crushed stone or gravel. The density of cellular concrete can be adjusted from 20-120 lbs. per cubic foot, while regular concrete has a density of 145 lbs. per cubic foot.

We use cellular concrete for a variety of foundation stabilizing purposes. Cellular concrete makes for an excellent lightweight fill around foundations, preventing the problems that loose backfill soil inevitably causes. Cellular concrete is also used as fill in voids beneath slabs and footings or for retaining walls. Finally, cellular concrete is useful for homeowners who need to skim coat a deteriorated concrete slab floor or for unique needs such as docks and seawalls.

Cellular concrete is resistant to freeze-thaw changes that weaken traditional concrete, is lightweight and practically self-leveling, has a fast installation process, and can easily be modified to suit multiple purposes. By using cellular concrete, Northern Basement Systems can create a long-lasting solution for your home that is superior to traditional concrete.

Shotcrete Wall Restoration
shotcrete wall restoration Burlington

When your foundation walls begin to deteriorate, you lose structural integrity and safety in your home. Our Shotcrete Wall Restoration System can restore the safety of your foundation walls with minimal disturbance to your home. Shotcrete is a fiber reinforced mortar mixture that is twice as strong as standard concrete. Shotcrete is sprayed onto the wall and trowled to provide a smooth finished surface. This process fills cracks and covers damaged areas, restoring the condition of the wall.

Shotcrete is often paired with our other products, such as GeoLock® Wall Anchors, to provide a complete solution. Shotcrete can easily cover interior plates of wall anchors for a clean finished appearance if desired. Installing shotcrete is a faster and less invasive process than foundation replacement, with most installations completed in a few days.

Stabilize your foundation with effective concrete repair systems

If you have issues with deteriorating and weakened foundation walls, don't wait to call Northern Basement Systems for a solution. Our cellular concrete and shotcrete repair systems can help stabilize your home and restore the structural integrity of your foundation walls.

Call us today at 1-855-248-5226 or contact us online to learn more about our complete line of foundation repair products. We offer free estimates in Burlington, Concord, Keene, Colchester, Essex, Rutland, Plattsburgh, NY, South Burlington, Laconia, Bennington and throughout the surrounding areas.

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